End of Term Name Phone
12-31-21 James Erwin Chairman (814) 362-4948

Gayle Bauer

Vice Chairman

(814) 368-3466
12-31-17 Steven Mascho (814) 362-1253



Name Phone
The EADS Group
(814) 764-5050

Tax Collector

End of Term Name Phone Address
12-31-17 Beth Monti (814) 362-6724 415 Minard Run Rd.

Planning Commission

End of Term Name Position
12-31-16 Donald Cummins Chairman
12-31-18 Steve Mascho Vice Chairman
12-31-16 Charles Lang
12-31-17 Andy Eschrich  
12-31-17 Gayle Bauer  Secretary

Volunteer Fire Department

Position Name
Fire Chief
Dan Burkhouse
Emergency Management Co-ordinator Jay Bradish

Bradford Area Public Library Board

End of Term Name
12-31-16 Michael J. Luciano

SPCA Animal Officer

Name Phone Address
SPCA (814) 362-8850 Glenwood Avenue

Sewage Enforcement Officer

Name Phone Address

Todd Fantaskey

SEO #3086

(814) 723-3775

235 Follett Run Rd.

Warren, PA 16365

Nick Melnick


SEO #01363

(814) 673-5805

1218 Grandview Road

Oil city, PA  16301

Appointed Auditors

End of Term Name Position
12-31-18 Carl Spehar  Elected Auditor
12-31-16 John "Jack" Shatara  Appointed Auditor

Zoning Hearing Board

End of Term             Name                              Position

12-31-18               Norman Strotman, Jr        Chairperson

12-31-16               Greg Dennis 

12-31-16               Daniel McCarthy


12-31-18               Sean Hvizdzak


12-31-17               Jean Hvizdzak

12-31-12                Vacant                           Alternate

12-31-14                Vacant                           Alternate



Name Stapleford & Byham, LLC

Special Counsel


Name            Quinn Law Firm

Zoning Officer

Name Phone
Jack Carns
(814) 362-1147

Code Enforcement Officer

Name Phone
George Corignani
(814) 368-3564

Bradford District Flood Control Authority

End of Term Name
12-31-19 John "Jack" Shatara

Vacancy Board

  2016                             Rick Grandinetti